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My name is Batch, Spring Batch

Very often Enterprise applications need to import or export a lot of data from or to external systems. These operations may be required with regular frequency; in order to implement them you can choose among several solutions provided from frameworks … Continue reading

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Bye Bye 2014

Here I’m, you are finishing and I’m thinking how you have been and what I’ve done. How you can see, during this year, I haven’t written more articles on my personal blog. It is due to several reasons, main reason … Continue reading

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Openbravo has dinner with Groovy

In the previous two posts (Openbravo meets Groovy and Openbravo has lunch with Groovy) we saw how to install Groovy Adapter module, we saw how you can execute Groovy code on Openbravo; we also saw how we can define a … Continue reading

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Openbravo has a lunch with Groovy

In the last post (Openbravo meets Groovy) I showed how to install the Groovy Adapter module and its main UI: Groovy Console; in order to use and access to this UI you have to use the System Administror role. That’s … Continue reading

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Openbravo meets Groovy

The goal of this post is to show how it is easy to integrate Openbravo ERP and Groovy. Openbravo ERP is the world leader of open source ERPs. It is Java based and it is built on several standards such … Continue reading

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Back to the Mule #1

Three years ago I used Mule as Enterprise Service Bus in a Java project; its goal was to¬† enable interoperability among different IT worlds. A month ago I had to do in a new project a thing very close to … Continue reading

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