Bye Bye 2014

Here I’m, you are finishing and I’m thinking how you have been and what I’ve done.
How you can see, during this year, I haven’t written more articles on my personal blog.
It is due to several reasons, main reason is that I’ve less time to spend for my personal “technical” life.
During this year I had several ideas to post and share on this blog; some belonging to the Openbravo world and other ones to the Spring Framework atmosphere. Before you go, I want to say to you that you were a very important year, few shadows and a lot of lights on the way. I’ve left former company (Extra) and so far I’ve left my Openbravo know-how there.

The past

I’m not working on that wonderful open source ERP platform. I’m afraid for these things, leaving Extra and not working on Openbravo, but someone better than me said “show must go on” and it is going on. I’m still following Openbravo evolution and every month I
spend 2-4 hours to upgrade it through mercurial and I’m still reading several basic items related to the Openbravo development and delivery enviroment.
I think that switching on a “quarter” release mode was a good idea, Companies having Openbravo on board will spend less time (money) to upgrade their systems to last release. Even the “all-in one” solution called Commerce Platform is a good idea in order to
support Enterprise retailer solutions.

The present

Dear 2014 It’s time to talk about my new experience; since March I’m working such as consultant at Alliance Healthcare (Napoli).
They/we are developing an enterprise program in order to support their IT offices, warehouses and pharmaceutical stores located in several countries.
I’m playing the Scrum Master role, “leading” (I know this word is forbidden in the SCRUM world) a team of 5 up to 7 people, during last 9 months I’m refreshing in my mind several tools and frameworks that I’ve disregarded (but not ignored) in the past years.
I’m using Maven, Jboss, Spring and Oracle every day. I’m focusing my few extra work time to study in depth Spring projects based on Spring Core; paying more attention for Spring Batch and Spring Integration.

I Promise …

I want leave you with at least a promise, I promise to find more time in order to write more blog posts and little side projects; I’d like (I already have several ideas …) to merge two development worlds that I love … may be I’m talking about OB and Spring, but I’m not so sure 🙂 🙂 🙂
bye bye my friend,


About amicidiroberto

Curioso, onesto, polemico ed innamorato della programmazione, del mondo IT, ma soprattutto di mia moglie e delle mie figlie
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